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Joshua Generation Boys Mentoring

What is Joshua Generation

Joshua Generation Boys Mentoring Program is a faith based community advocacy curriculum focusing on  educating, encouraging and strengthening  our male generation. Our program is structured to empower and teach life skills, promote courage, develop leadership skills and provide financial literacy. Our mission is to produce gentlemen that respect and honor themselves and others in their surroundings and community.


Goal: Promote Courage and Respect
Our goal is to encourage our young boys to be strong enough to go against the odds that may be trying to limit or defeat their progress toward being successful and be to be  courageous enough not to quit but to  keep pressing forward in becoming a positive role model to  their peers, families and communities.


Explore,  Overcome ,Build and Conquer.

What Joshua Generation Aim to Achieve
We aim to ..
  • Build Leadership skills,

  • Promote Positive Behavior

  • Encourage Education

  • Provide opportunities to enhance social skills

  • Increased school attendance

  • Increased desire for learning

  • Increased respect for self and authority

  • Develop their gifts & skills and to pursue opportunities to demonstrate those gift through services

  • Decreased participation in risky behaviors such as drug abuse, gang participation & sexual activity

Age Groups:

LiL Champions (Age 5-8) Elementary Age

Royal Rangers (Ages 9-12) Middle school age

Emperors (Ages 13-17) High school

Noblemen Leaders (Ages 18-up) College


Activities Includes:


Community Service

Educational Programs

Weight Lifting


Horse Back Riding

Baseball and more

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