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Sherry Potters (a.k.a. Lady Potters) is a native of Holly Springs, MS.  She is a world-renowned psalmist, recording artist, songwriter, teacher of the Gospel, mentor, entrepreneur and a motivational speaker. 


Sherry is the CEO of Life Empowerment Community Development Center which is an Outreach that advocates for strong families (strong communities) through building self-confidence and motivation to accomplish greater; by promoting moral values/character, education and providing financial literacy.


Sherry demonstrates her love for families through her partnership with local pregnancy centers, supporting foster families and mentorship of teen boys and girls in detention centers and within the North Georgia community. 


Sherry’s also the founder of Women of Distinction (a non-profit organization) that inspires women to pursue their purpose, to value sisterhood and to know the power of unity. She frequently hosts prayer conferences and seminars; retreats, fashion shows, health fairs and other events that empower (not only women but) the body of Christ as a whole.


She’s married to Apostle Clinton Potters and together they co-pastor Freedom Ministries Christian Center International (FMCCI) in Gainesville, Ga.  She’s the proud mother of three God-fearing young men. Raising her sons is Sherry’s primary focus, her most enjoyable purpose, and her greatest accomplishments.  She believes the best example a parent can be to a child is to be a role model that demonstrates the love of God.


Sherry’s ultimate mission is to inspire individuals to love God, to love themselves and to love others.

Sherry Potters

Founder /CEO

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