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Life Empowerment Center(CDC,Inc.)

Heart 2 Heart Girls Group

What is Heart 2 Heart?

Heart 2 Heart Girls Mentoring Program is a faith base community advocacy that empowers and teaches life skills. It also provides resourceful information that will build confidence and healthy self-esteem.



Our goal is to ensure that each girl is motivated, encouraged and inspired to become a respectful, honest and valuable influence in her community.


Ages Groups:


Princess ( Ages 5-8) Elementary

Girly Girls (Ages 9-13) Middle School

Precious (Ages 14-17) High School

Sweet Hearts (Ages 18-21) College


What Heart 2 Heart Aim to Achieve?


*Build strong character

*Increased school attendance

*Increased desire for learning

*Increased respect for self and authority

*Develop their gifts & skills and to pursue opportunities to demonstrate those gift through services

*Decreased participation in risky behaviors such as drug abuse, gang participation & sexual activity

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